I’ve had a lot of time over the holidays to rest, reflect and get juiced up again for the year ahead.  A large part of this process is understanding the past year: Did I accomplish my goals? What were my major themes?  What do I want to carry into the new year?

2019 was a banner year across most of my life “buckets” – finance/business, creativity, health, relationships, learning.  I made the most money I ever have, I had an extremely challenging and fulfilling professional year, I grew my numbers for Millennial Momentum and wrote every day the last few months of the year.

But that’s not what I’m most proud of.

More coming on this in tomorrow’s blog.

Weekly Six-Pack
Here are the 6 things to check out this week:

  1. Last week I wrote about the meditation technique that Hall-of-Famer Tony Gonzalez uses to get from his head to his heart. 
  2. I’ve spent the past week in Newton, MA for TechTarget’s global sales kick-off.  Shoutout to two friends of mine, Bill Henry and Christina Stone, for Sales Leader and Sales Rep of the Year. 
  3. I’m currently nose deep in Ben Horowtiz’s new book What You Do Is Who You Are and love how he ties back company culture to points in history (and Hip-Hop). 
  4. I decided to either give up or do something each month as a challenge with my sister.  To kick off the year, we’re doing Sober January
  5. He may be out of the playoffs :(…. but you can always learn something from Bill Belichick. 
  6. If you’re not following along to Daily Momentum, now is the time to subscribe.  I’m also reposting some of the daily emails on Instagram and YouTube

Quote of the Week

“The seeds of remarkable results are planted when no one is watching.”

– Shane Parrish


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