I’ve been doing a challenge each month with a few family members.

Sober January, cold shower February, no social media March.

For April, we’re reading for 30 minutes a day.

I used to hate reading. I was the king of CliffNotes in high school and college.  I honestly can’t think of one book that I finished cover to cover before graduating from college.  If there were any, they certainly didn’t stand out to me.

Now I’m pretty obsessed with it.  Whether it’s reading a couple of pages while the coffee is brewing, getting ready for bed and locking in on the couch on a Sunday afternoon, you won’t find me too far from a good book.  It’s hard to go through a day without cracking open a book so I am PUMPED for this challenge.

They say that your memories come to you based on smell: the perfume of your first girlfriend, the chocolate chip cookies that grandma used to make, the freshly mowed lawn smell of the first tee box on a Saturday morning round of golf.

I feel the same way about books.

I remember feeling ambitious and lost, stumbling upon Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill straight out of college.  That’s what got me hooked.

Heartbroken and ready to move to San Francisco, The Alchemist got me ready for my next adventure.

I remember my roommate giving me The Greatest Salesman In The World as I ventured into my sales job.

I devoured John Wooden’s little blue book in one sitting over a coffee in a San Francisco cafe as I prepared for my first management job.

Books have been a great travel companion.  Stephen King’s On Writing accompanied me to Italy, Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Workweek ventured to Thailand and Phil Knight’s Shoe Dog was consumed in its entirety in a 2-day trip to Seattle.

I’m fascinated that most of the greatest thinkers in the history of the world have left their thoughts with us.  I’m even more fascinated by the fact that most people don’t take advantage of this.

When I talk to my mentors, I don’t just ask how they’re doing: I ask what books are on their nightstand.  I know that I’m always one recommendation and $12 away from an idea that can change my life.

I know that we’re 5 days into this April challenge, but I encourage you to join us.  We’re an inclusive club.  And you can read whatever the hell you want – the latest business read, poetry, a novel from the 1800s.  It doesn’t matter to us.

But 30 minutes a day for the rest of the month – a month where we’re all stuck inside anyways – can have a profound impact on your life.

Join us, and tag me on Instagram or Twitter (@TommyTahoe) with what you’re reading.  Let’s have some fun!

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