Weekly Six-Pack
Here are the 6 things to check out this week:

  1. Last week, I got some great feedback on my Tuesday post about being a giver, inspired by Adam Grant.  If you’d like a short, positive message from me each day, you can sign up here
  2. If you’re looking for some additional content from me, you can check out my appearance on the Driving Force Podcast here or my guest-post on the Anxiously Creative blog here
  3. I started reading Small Giants: Companies That Chose To Be Great Instead of Big, which was recommended by Tim Ferriss. 
  4. If you’re interested in FInance, this is a great podcast to check out.  Golden State Warriors Owner Chamath Palihapitiya talks about how he’s addressing the current global pandemic financially. 
  5. For my leaders in the house, this Jon Gordon post will help you stay positive and this podcast between Pete Carroll and Steve Kerr is absolute gold.
  6. Someone needed to find me a brick wall to run through after listening to this podcast between Ed Mylett and Gary V.

Quote of the Week

“The more I help out, the more successful I become. But I measure success in what it has done for the people around me. That is the real accolade.” 

— Adam Grant


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