Weekly Six-Pack
Here are the 6 things to check out this week:

  1. Last week, I wrote about why I’m getting rid of social media in March.  As an update, it’s really freaking hard.  I’ve deleted all of the apps off my phone and put up a blocker on my laptop. 
  2. Right now, I’m listening to Malcolm Gladwell’s Talking To Strangers on Audible.  I don’t always love audiobooks but Gladwell’s content is super interesting, he reads it himself and his audio format is unlike any I’ve heard on a book before.  It’s worth checking out. 
  3. I’m not sure there are too many better hype up albums than Watch The Throne by Kanye West and Jay-Z.  It’s been on a loop for me to get fired up in the mornings. 
  4. I dug this Broken Record podcast episode with James Taylor.   
  5. I enjoyed this short read on Infinite and Finite Games – and how to play the game of life. 
  6. If you’re stuck inside avoiding the Coronavirus, I’d suggest watching (or re-watching) Dead Poet’s Society.  An absolute classic. 

Quote of the Week

“The seeds of remarkable results are planted when no one is watching.”

Shane Parrish


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