We’re a few days away from a new month, new year and new decade.  Can you remember where you were 10 years ago?

Man, I was a teenager, had my first girlfriend, just started to drive and was learning about the world.  Life was a lot different 10 years ago and I’m grateful for everything that’s happened.

If you’re like me, you tend to spend this time of year in reflection and in forward-looking.  Here is how I plan and goal set for the year ahead.

First, I look back at my 2019 goals in black and white – did I achieve them or not?  There’s a time and place for gray area – and this isn’t it for me.

Second, I look at themes from the year – what words, people, events and things popped up a lot and which do I want to keep going into 2020?

Third, what’s one big goal I can set for each of my buckets – financial/business, creativity, relationship, health, learning, faith – one goal that makes everything else either nonexistent or unimportant.

Fourth, map out how I can accomplish those goals step by step.

I know things will change throughout the year and that the goals can be fluid, but without a map, I’d just be wandering through the desert hoping I find a body of water.

Take some time to reflect and look forward these next few days and let’s make 2020 the best year yet.

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Weekly Six-Pack
Here are the 6 things to check out this week:

  1. Last week I wrote about my #1 networking tip: plant a tree every day
  2. I’ve been traveling a lot these holidays, from SF to Chicago to Indy to Boston and over to CT for New Year’s Eve.  Right now, I’m reading We Learn Nothing, essays from Tim Kreider. 
  3. This podcast between Ed Mylett and Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez was so good that I listened two times (seriously).  They talk visualization and playing with your heart instead of your head.  I’ll be writing more on this. 
  4. If you’re a creator, a leader or a thinker – your output depends on your input. 
  5. Seth Godin wrote about Quality and Effort
  6. As a naturally stubborn guy, I hate when people tell me what to do.  Here are some thoughts on when to follow the rules – and when to break them


Quote of the Week

“The student goes to the master and says ‘I’m discouraged, what should I do?’  The master says “Encourage others.'”

– Zen Proverb

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