I was inspired by Tyler Cohen’s piece about practice.  I believe that the difference between successful salespeople, leaders, writers, runners – basically anyone – is treating that endeavor like a craft.  And the key way to improve your craft is through practice. So, here’s how I practice the various things that I want to be great at: 


  1. I write my “morning pages” every morning.  Three longhand pages in the morning about whatever topic I want.  This is relatively new and has been very helpful for me. 
  2. I read every single day.  People ask me when I find the time.  Time is all around us: 20 minutes before bed, 4 minutes while you’re waiting for your coffee to brew, in the bathroom.  Whenever you can find it. 
  3. I take notes.  A lot of notes.  I have notebooks filled with notes from meetings, thoughts, notes from books I’ve read or podcasts listened to.  I regularly go back for content ideas. 
  4. I surround myself with inspiration.  This can be in the form of books, music, podcasts.  I heavily weight my consumption to people and ideas that will inspire me to do great work and be a better person.  These are “virtual mentors” of mine. 
  5. Because of this, I rarely watch the news or get caught up in the daily hoopla about whatever Trump tweeted.  We only have so much energy to give each day. 
  6. I regularly engage with people that are smarter, better, more successful than I am. 
  7. I move my body every day.  Could be a run, lifting weights, yoga, playing tennis or just stretching.  It doesn’t really matter – it all feels good. 
  8. I rarely watch television. 
  9. I walk to and from work each day.  This is about 40 total minutes between the two where I either call one of my parents or spend time letting my mind wander. 
  10. I teach.  The most obvious form of this is in my job as a sales leader.  In another way, I am often taking apart things I’ve read or heard and sharing them on the podcast or blog. 


LeBron is probably in the gym now.  Warren Buffet is probably nose-deep in a book.  The next musical genius has been practicing their scales since 7 am today.

How are you training to be your best?


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