My Grandpa is a cool dude. One day after graduating from college, he married my grandma and joined the Navy. They were married for 50 years until she passed away. He rose through the corporate ladder, took over a business in 1983 as the CEO and is still Chairman of the Board today. He ran at least a half marathon every year until he was in his sixties.  He still runs, walks or golfs just about every single day. A few months ago he invited our family down to South Carolina to celebrate his 80th birthday.  Like most birthdays, there was a delicious cake involved. But when we brought the cake out, it didn’t say “Happy 80th Birthday Grandpa”.   It said, “Be Bold And Dream”.   He wrote the message on that cake to his three children, 8 grandchildren and maybe even himself.   I wanted to ask him about that cake.  I wanted to ask him what it was like to marry someone the day after you graduated college.  I wanted to ask him about running a family business with my dad, uncle, and aunt. I wanted to ask him all about his 80 years on this Earth, and what he has planned for the rest of his life. So I did.   We set up a great view on his porch (you’ll have to excuse some gusts of wind and birds chirping) and talked.   I learned a lot from him and hope you will too. You can use the below sources to listen to this conversation.  If you found any value, please share with a friend and leave a 5-star review.  This allows us to spread our message to more people. Listen Here: iTunes Soundcloud Google Play Stitcher

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