Jake Herbert is one of the greatest American wrestlers of all time. Sporting a 149-4 record at Northwestern, which included 2 undefeated seasons, Jake won 8 National Titles, 1 World Silver Medal, The Heisman Trophy of Wrestling, Big Ten Athlete of the Year and competed in the 2012 Olympics for USA.

When asked how he achieved those staggering accolades, Jake boiled it down to one word: relentlessness.

Whether in training sessions where he would routinely vomit, to pre-meet visualization that is 10X more intense than any fight could be (which he describes in full detail), Jake is relentless in everything he does. As expected, this has translated into his post-wrestling career as a Real Estate Agent and Personal Coach.

One example of this is Jake’s philosophy of the 4 B’s:

  • Body – Nutrition, exercise
  • Balance – Spending time with his wife and two children
  • Business – His lofty sales and personal coaching goals
  • Being – Meditation, journaling and making sure your mind is right

If you’re able to do 1 solid thing in each of these categories every day, you’re moving forward in the right direction. It won’t always work and the 4 B’s won’t always be evenly split, but it’s a long term strategy that pays massive dividends.

His mission is “to leave people, places and things better than when I found them.” And he believes that he can help 25 people earn $1M by the year 2025.

And who am I to count him out?

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