A few years ago I interviewed Ralph Barsi, who currently runs Sales Development for Tray.io. Of the 120+ interviews I’ve done, Ralph’s remains in my top 5 in terms of actionable nuggets that the listener can take away and act on right now.  

Here are 5 quotes that Ralph relies on to guide him through his journey: 

  • “Success is not something you pursue, it’s something you attract by becoming an attractive person.” – Jim Rohn


  • “Losers have goals, winners have systems.” – Scott Adams
  • “You’re not here to survive this, you’re here to take charge of it.” – US Navy SEALS
  • “I never lose. I either win or I learn”. – Nelson Mandela
  • “The student goes to a master and says ‘I’m discouraged, what should i do?’ The master says, ‘Encourage others’. – Zen Proverb


Success isn’t something that just happens, it’s a decision.  

Make the decision today to be successful. 

You can listen to my full conversation with Ralph here.

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