“Your progress is wrecked or preserved by a single day and a single event” 

– Epictetus

The stories are in the news seemingly every day.  A successful person who has built their brand for years or even decades has let it slip.  They said something unspeakable in front of a microphone, they mistreated their spouse, or maybe they had been hiding some dirty secrets for years.  They fucked it all up. 

These types of stories have become increasingly exposed with the surging social media and news coverage.  

The truth is that these stories are scary, and they should be.  

The good news is that it’s in your control.  

These people aren’t getting crucified by the media for nothing.  They didn’t lose their job because of a conspiracy theory.  Their demise, just like their success, was an effect of their actions. 

John Wooden preached for people to focus more on character than reputation.  While reputation is what others think you do, your character is dictated by what you ACTUALLY do.  

Don’t worry about your reputation. 

Polish your character like a valuable jewel. 

That’s what will dictate your future.  

Enjoy your Friday, your weekend and remember, it’s all in your control.

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