Did you know that 67% of Americans either feel no connection to their work or are actively disengaged at work?   Some of us spend upwards of 10, 12 or 14 hours per day at work.  That’s a lot of hours to feel unfulfilled. And though I’ve written about how this affects millennials, I wanted to ask another source.  So I asked Elissa Fink in our latest TR Talk Podcast interview. Elissa Fink is the Chief Marketing Officer at Tableau Software.  She’s an industry veteran and has helped the company go from a small Seattle startup to one of the hottest software companies in the world.   I asked Elissa about job-hopping and what she would tell someone who is watching the clock all day and hates their job. She said, “You need to stay true to your joy and work at it until you become a master.” To me this means two things: First, find what you love. It could be sales, cooking, writing. It could be anything. Find that thing and go after it. The second step is hard. You have to actually WORK for it.  Don’t just do that job. Become a master. Do the 10,000 hours.  Shit, do 30,000 hours. Mastery is rare.  But you know who achieves the most?  Makes the most money? Gets the best opportunities? Masters. She’s a master of positivity and leads her team that way. It’s paying off. What are you a master of? Take a listen below to the full episode.

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