“Do not let fear dictate the way you live life.” – Ryan Michler
In 2007, Ryan Michler’s life had hit a snag. He had a failing business, had recently separated from his wife and his life seemed off track. As an Iraq Combat Veteran that never grew up with a father figure, Ryan had plenty of excuses he could make for why life had become so difficult. Ryan had every excuse to make – and chose to avoid them. Instead, he looked inside. He took ownership for the failure of his marriage and failing business and became more disciplined and accountable in all areas of his life. Over time, his marriage, his business and his life began to improve. As he told his story, he realized that other men had the same struggles around being a father, husband, employee and a “true man”. Thus, he started “Order of Man”, a community and resource for men to become better. In this interview, Ryan and I talked about his journey, how to find success and tips for overcoming fear. Enjoy!

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