The biggest differentiator I see from good vs great reps?

Great reps have a mentality that they’re the CEO of their business.

Here are concrete ways to do this 👇

1) Extreme Ownership – There are a million reasons why you do/don’t hit your numbers. At the end of the day, it’s not on your manager, your SDR, the competition, etc. It’s yours to hit.

2) Know Your Numbers. Forecasting is an underrated skill for reps. It shows leadership that you have an understanding of your business.

3) Leverage Your Team. Richard Branson said his greatest skill was delegation. Most reps have a lot of resources in Sales Dev, Leadership, Enablement, CS, Sales Engineering to help them out. The best reps know when & where to delegate.

4) Weekly Update. Send a weekly email to your leadership and let them know what’s happening in your business. Key meetings you have, deals coming in, pipeline gen, where you need help, etc. Clarity is kindness.

5) Test & Learn. Each quarter, try a new tactic, A/B test it and either double down or ditch it. If you’re still doing the same things you did in 2020, your skills are going to atrophy. Keep pushing the limits and be willing to fail in an effort to learn & grow.

Yes, hit your numbers.
Yes, hit your activity metrics.

But this mindset shift can be a career differentiator.

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