If you played sports growing up, you know how instrumental it can be in your life.  That’s why I’m so excited to share this episode of the Millennial Momentum Podcast with Adam Molda.  Adam was my first ever tennis coach.  In 2016 he was given the Joseph Dietz award for doing the most for tennis in New England.  From the age of 8 until college, he taught me the ins and outs of the game.  He taught me about mental toughness.  He taught me about respecting – but not fearing an opponent.  He helped shape who I am today.

Adam has a great story to share about leaving the wealthy world of investment banking to follow his passion and become a tennis pro.  We talk about how difficult it was for him to make that decision, how he has become a master at building communities and his recent venture into opening his own CrossFit gym.

It’s an inspiring story of choosing your passion over financial security.  It’s a pathway of advice for millennials who don’t know where their next step is.  It’s a conversation between two longtime friends who haven’t seen each other in years.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

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