“Manage expectation. Direct ego. Focus on what you control. Find peace in what you cannot. Enjoy this moment.”

– Jed Collins

If you want to make people feel uncomfortable, there are a few things you can talk about: weight, religion, politics, and money.

How much you make, how much to spend, what to invest, how to earn money while you sleep – these topics are, unfortunately, off the table for most of us.

Yet half of our waking hours (more for some) are spent working for, you guessed it, money.  While money isn’t everything, it certainly is something important. It allows us to afford the quality of life we want, enjoy experiences with loved ones, and ultimately contribute and give back to others who need it more.

Despite this, we know virtually nothing about personal finance.  It isn’t taught beyond a very surface level in most schools. Because of its taboo nature, it’s something many parents don’t teach their children.  

This leads to our general understanding of money coming from Instagram influencers or movies like The Wolf of Wall St.  Contrast that with the tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars that many millennials find themselves in debt. With role models like that, it’s no wonder that most of us, as the saying goes, “Buy things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t like.”  

Insert Jed Collins.  Jed, a recurring guest and friend of the podcast, is a former NFL player turned Financial Advisor on a mission to help millennials understand money and take control of their financial freedom.  He has spoken at Amazon and Washington State, among other locations and has a new book being released this summer: Teach Me Money.”

In this episode, Jed and I unpack this topic – the background that makes him so passionate about this topic, why we’re in negative financial positions and small, actionable steps to take towards financial freedom.

What’s your #1 financial tip?  Let me know below in the comments.

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