This week, we’re bringing you another masterclass. This is a mash-up of three of our most popular episodes of all time – all with a focus on perseverance and being a learning machine.

For the first few minutes, I read this article from the top 20 takeaways that famous investor Byron Wien has had in his first 80 years of life.

Then, we take it to David “DC” Cancel. DC is an entrepreneur, podcaster, author and CEO of Drift, one of the hottest start-ups in SaaS. We talk about why he’s obsessed with learning, what his day looks like and the value that mentors have had in his life.

Next up is Mario Armstrong. Mario is the host of The Never Settle Show and a nationally known motivator. I caught Mario just a few days after his show won an Emmy and he was absolutely fired up about not letting others dictate the destiny of your dreams.

Last but not least, we have JT McCormick. JT is a self-made multi-millionaire, author, speaker & CEO of Scribe Media. And when I say “self-made”…I mean it. JT was born the mixed-race son of a drug-dealing pimp father and an orphaned, single mother on welfare. He was raised in the slums of Dayton, OH, suffered incredible abuse & racism and had multiple stints in the juvenile justice system. He barely graduated high school and has not college degree.

Success leaves clues. Follow the path that these leaders have carved and reach for your next goal.

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