Tuesday Tip: Preparation

I wrote an article a few years ago breaking down my process going “Outbound Mode” in sales.  It’s a tactic to more successfully focus on prospecting – calling and emailing potential customers.  

The article had four steps: prepare, block off the calendar, distractions, and action.  Unsurprisingly, the one that gets ignored is also the most boring step: preparation. 

And that’s my Tuesday Tip: prepare for your day the night before.  Every day.

It is infinitely easier to start working when you already know what you’re working on.  It’s easier to work out in the morning when your clothes are laid out the night before. It’s easier to eat healthy when you’ve meal prepped on Sunday.    

But that’s boring. 

To be successful, you need to do the monotonous things wellDecision fatigue is a real thing. 

The ancient Chinese military strategist once wrote that “every battle is won before it is fought.”

There’s a battle happening today.  

I hope you prepared.  

If not, you’re already behind.


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