If you’re reading this, you want more.  You want more money, a better job, a healthier body, a deeper relationship.  You want something. 

And if you’re anything like me, you could use a little kick this Monday morning.  

Check out this 3-minute interview between Jim Carey and Oprah.  Carey describes his days as a broke, struggling actor. He thought about quitting.  

Instead, he decided to write himself a check for “Acting Services Rendered” for $10 million.  The check was dated for 3 years in advance and Carey decided he would continue working like hell to get there.  

Three years later – almost to the day – Carey got a call from his agent.  He got the part for Dumb and Dumber, which would pay him out roughly $10 million.  

It’s an amazing story that brings up two points. 

The first, obvious point is that visualization can work.  Napolean Hill once said “What the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve.”  You can find tons of stories from business people, artists, and athletes that use visualization in their daily work.  It’s helped me in my sales career, with my writing and in my hobby for running marathons.  

The second, less obvious point is that for visualization to work, you need to work.  Carey says “You can’t visualize and then go eat a sandwich”.  And he’s right.  

Spend some time this morning visualizing what you want – what you really want. 

And then get to work. 

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