JT McCormick has overcome a lot of obstacles. I mean, a LOT of obstacles. 

His mother was an orphan. His father was a pimp and drug dealer. Upon being deserted, JT was forced to live with his father’s prostitutes for years, taking care of his younger step-siblings at the tender age of 8-years-old.  JT received his High School diploma from the janitor during summer school. At one point, he was homeless and lived on a park bench. 

Your day doesn’t seem so bad right now, does it?

JT got into sales. He was the lowest paid employee and became the President of the company in 2 years.  He is now the President & CEO of Scribe. He is business partners with bestselling writer Tucker Max. 

How did he do it? How did the overcome the odds and become an inspiration to everyone he comes from?

Life truly is mindset and choices”

— JT McCormick

It seems so simple, right?  

It is.  But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. 

Though his mindset is strong, JT’s actions separate him from the pack. He didn’t become this way through luck; it was through old-fashioned hard work. 

In this interview, he illustrates that his day starts at 3:45 am. He spends the early morning time reading and studying past entrepreneurs and businesses to learn from their paths.  Then he gets a workout in. Once his family is awake, he spends time with them and is off to work.  

He’s already learned, exercises and spent time with his family before his “workday” really begins. 

Life is full of choices and sometimes that requires sacrifice. 

“You have to sacrifice. Don’t run from it — everyone has to sacrifice something”.

Take a page from JT’s book. Maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem.  Maybe you CAN change your life after all.  

Mindset, choices.

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