“Life is always happening for us, not to us.”

– Tony Robbins 

We all have those friends that tell the doom & gloom story over and over again.  Their boss is out to get them.  Of course, it rained on their day off.  And did you see that Trump tweet last night? 

Some of us don’t see it that way.  We realize that our boss’ actions to us may be a sign we need to do things differently.  Maybe that rainy day gives us the opportunity to try that new chicken parm recipe we’ve been wanting to cook.  And we know we can’t control what others say, let alone what they tweet out.  

I’ve noticed that people who wear a smile often attract a smile in return. 

I’ve noticed the people that give others the benefit of the doubt get treated more fairly. 

I’ve noticed the people that are grateful for each day actually end up enjoying each day more.  

Each day is an opportunity to create a masterpiece.  Every obstacle is an opportunity. 

Life is always happening for us, not to us. 

Have a great Friday.

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