“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.” 

– Sun Tzu 

The world is abundant.  There is an infinite amount of opportunities flowing through The Universe at any given point.  Money flowing, jobs being offered, people walking the streets that can change your fortune. 

Maybe you don’t see it that way.  There are no jobs. The economy is down so nobody is going to buy my product.  My network is worthless and there’s no way to improve it.  

Now, I don’t want to be insensitive… but that’s bullshit, right? 

The GDP in the US alone is over $13 Trillion.  Over 130 million people in the country were fully employed last year.  Everyone has circumstances, and those definitely contribute to where you are.  And we’re obviously going through weird times in the world right now.

But don’t get it twisted: the opportunities are out there.  If there weren’t, if the future couldn’t be better than the past, then what’s the point of even carrying on?

The issue is that we’re looking for the big win.  The one customer that puts us on the map. Instead, we should be stacking up mini-wins.  Gain some momentum. Get 1% better each day

Why?  Because as Sun Tzu noted, the more we seize opportunities, the more are created.  A big customer win turns into another referral which turns into an introduction to an investor which turns into a major funding round down the line. 

But that doesn’t happen overnight.  You need that first win in order to get the second.  

In the 40-Year-Old-Virgin, Steve Carrell comically asks his friend “Is it true that if you don’t use it, you…lose it?”

It’s kind of like that.  Find a way to get a win today, and keep compounding over time.  That’s how you find opportunities that change your life.

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