Kevin Rose is a builder, investor, meditator and one of the most interesting people I’ve had the chance to interview. 

You may have seen Kevin around.  He has been featured on the cover of Inc. Magazine, BusinessWeek, and RedHerring.  Kevin was named a “Top 25 Angel Investors” by Bloomberg, “Top 25 Web Celebrities” by Forbes, “Top 35 Innovators” by MIT, and “Top 25 Most Influential People on the Web” by Time and BusinessWeek magazines.

Today, Kevin is a venture capitalist at True Ventures, CEO of Oak Meditation and host of the Kevin Rose Show.  

My favorite thing about Kevin is the way he “plays through life.”  He tries things that peak his interest.  He fails often.  He tinkers with lifestyle changes to find out what works best for him and his family. 

In this episode, we talk about a whole range of topics, from Tony Robbins to investing tips to overriding fear of failure to living life as a minimalist.  Trust me, you do NOT want to miss this episode.  

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