Andy Raskin is truly one of the most brilliant people I’ve ever met. He has advised Uber, Yelp, Intel, and other Silicon Valley start-ups on how to craft a compelling story. He also graduated from Yale, got an MBA from Wharton, Co-Founded a start-up in the 90’s, produced game shows in Japan, worked on NPR’s “This American Life”, and was an editor for Time Inc.

Andy also authored an article “The Greatest Sales Deck I’ve Ever Seen” which has generated over 1.3m views.

I’ve personally been using Andy’s storytelling approach and it was completely refreshed my sales pitch. He lays out a great framework that anyone (Sales, Marketing, Product, etc.) can follow to tell a great story.

If you liked the show, please visit Andy’s social channels, and if you want to learn from Andy directly, sign-up for his courses at the San Francisco General Assembly.

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