Most of us are stuck in a routine. We do the same thing every morning – whether it’s waking up with our families, getting a workout in or heading straight to work – it usually doesn’t vary much. Jesse Itzler caught himself in this trap. Itzler cofounded Marquis Jet (which sold to Warren Buffet), helped to pioneer Zico coconut water (which sold to Coca-Cola) and currently owns the Atlanta Hawks. In his spare time, he runs ultramarathons. He is not someone you would categorize as needing to “shake things up” or get more fit. But that’s not how he saw it. He knew he needed a change. So, like any normal person, Itzler went down to the local gym and hired a trainer, right? Wrong. Instead, he cold-called a former Navy SEAL – and probably the toughest man alive – David Goggins. He asked Goggins to live with him and his family for 30 days. Wait, what? Itzler wrote about the experience in his book, “Living With A Seal.” I read it so you don’t have to. Here are 9 ways that Itzler’s decision can help you break through to the next level.
“Most of my successes in life have come from learning how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Like I said, I just want to get better.” – Jesse Itzler

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