Annie Matthews is a VP Sales at TechTarget a legend at TechTarget. She has risen through the ranks from Trainee, to Account Executive, to Vice President all before she turned 30. In this episode, Annie tells us how she uses passion, fearlessness, and gratitude in her life.

How does she exemplify this?


In her first job outside of college, Annie left a voicemail to the CEO every day on her way to work to practice her elevator pitch. That’s right — she is a 22-year-old kid fresh out of college doing this. She worked hard but encountered a lot of failures early on. She failed and failed again. But she didn’t stop — that only propelled her to come back harder the next day.

“My biggest failure became my biggest motivator.”


Annie loves her line of work and the team she coaches — and is proud to say it. For her, work is a passion project and co-workers are family. This drives her to reach new levels every day.

“If you don’t love what you’re doing it, why are you doing it?”


Annie feels blessed every day that she gets to work alongside her team and charge towards a common goal. An attitude of gratitude helps her to keep focused on the task ahead.

“The thing that gets me most excited is the people I get to work with.”

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