Do you know the cure to all problems in sales? A big fat pipeline.

Having a sales pipeline helps you to sell more confidently, negotiate better, stay on track, and hit your goals. Without a steady stream of opportunities, salespeople are exposed and vulnerable to miss quota.

That’s why I’m excited to have John Barrows on the podcast today. I’ve labeled John the King of SaaS Sales. He owns his own consulting company and works with some of the biggest names in software to help them sell better: companies like Salesforce, Tableau, Slack, and Box to name a few.

John is a master prospector. Not only does he teach his clients how to build their pipeline, but he prospects on a daily basis. In this episode, John walks us through how he does that while balancing being a CEO and running 6-10 training sessions per week for his clients.

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • How and when to personalize your emails
  • John’s monthly prospecting cadence
  • How to get your team to adopt video in their sales process
  • And why he wears his “Make It Happen” shirt every single day

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