10 Ideas Per Day


A few years ago, my podcast partner and I interviewed James Altucher.  You can label him as an author, podcaster, investor, entrepreneur or – as Forbes would say, “the most interesting man in the world.”

Altucher told plenty of fascinating and vulnerable stories on the ups and downs of his life but one concept from this conversation has stuck out to me: 10 ideas per day.

I’ve written about the importance of journaling and some practical ways to do it.  Altucher’s 10 ideas per day is another option. 

How do you do it? 

It’s simple.  Each day, write down 10 ideas.  Good ideas, bad ideas, terrible ideas, ugly ideas.  Whatever. And the topic can be anything: 10 ideas to change the world, 10 ideas for what to eat for breakfast, 10 ideas for my next 10 days of idea-creation.  

This is simply working the muscle of creating ideas and working with the creative part of your brain.  

Open up a pad of paper and give it a try today.  

You can listen to my full interview with James here.


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