Email. It’s almost like a four-letter word nowadays, with people taking opposing sides on the debate. Some people send emails all day long, while others haven’t checked since George W. Bush was the President.

Famed investor Chris Sacca says that “Your inbox is the to-do list which anyone in the world can add an action item.”

Adam Grant believes that if you’re not replying to emails, you’re either disorganized or are saying you don’t care about the email sender.

So which one is it?

I’m a little in between.

I believe it’s really powerful to hammer out your #1 priority as your first action for the day when your brain is sharpest.

Then reply to the most important emails: your boss, clients, urgent requests.

Finally, at the end of the day reply to (or delete) as many emails and messages as possible to get close to Inbox Zero.

Email isn’t going anywhere. Whatever your opinion is, you need to have a plan.

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