In this 2017 interview with Harvard Business Review, Jerry Seinfeld opened up about his successful track creating Seinfeld and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Here’s an excerpt:  

INTERVIEWER: You and Larry David wrote Seinfeld together, without a traditional writers’ room, and burnout was one reason you stopped. Was there a more sustainable way to do it? Could McKinsey or someone have helped you find a better model?

SEINFELD: Who’s McKinsey?

INTERVIEWER: It’s a consulting firm.

SEINFELD: Are they funny?


SEINFELD: Then I don’t need them. If you’re efficient, you’re doing it the wrong way. The right way is the hard way. The show was successful because I micromanaged it—every word, every line, every take, every edit, every casting. That’s my way of life.


How great is that?  

It’s counterintuitive but maybe – if things aren’t quite working out – to try being LESS efficient. 

Try messing with your routine. 

Try being super detail-oriented. 

Try weaving in a few hours of pure creative output into your workflow for the week. 

(picture credit to CNN)

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