Want to gain more respect from your sales leader this year?

Send them a weekly update on your business.

Here’s how

Every week, send your manager (and exec sales leader if you’re feeling it) an email.

I’d recommend either on Friday afternoon, Monday morning or Sunday night.

Include these things for the week ahead:

  • Your revenue sold and % to goal for the quarter and year (and month, if applicable)
  • Your 1-3 key goals for the week ahead
  • Your key meetings on the calendar for the week
  • Forecasted deals to close this week

Include these things for a look-back on the prior week:

  • How did you fare on your major goals?
  • Key meetings and results
  • What deals did you close, if any
  • Other things outside of the role you did to improve your craft (reading, took a course, etc.)

If you’re an SDR you can update some of the terminology from deals/meetings to “demos booked” or whatever you’re tasked with.

There are a few reasons that this works.

1) It shifts your mindset from sales rep to CEO of your own business.

The best salespeople I know act like their territory is their own personal business. They do everything they need to do to make this business succeed. That level of ownership can make a major impact on how you treat your prospects and customers.

2) You become a leader on the team.

Trust me when I tell you that 99% of sales reps do NOT do this. You will stand out in a big way. Whether you want a better territory, promotion, pay raise, or just to be considered “indispensable for the next layoff (real talk), this is a way to do it.

3) It saves you time in the long run.

Ever had your manager ask “what does your week look like?” or “Where are we at with this deal?” or any other annoying questions?

Pre-populate it in the email. Let them know so they don’t need to bother you with the details and you can actually spend your time closing deals.

Welp, that’s it for today.

TGIM and let’s get after it this week, y’all


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