“Every man has two lives, and the second begins when they realize they only have one.” 

– Confucius 


We’ve all heard a story of someone who escaped a near-death experience that changed their lives.  They began living their dreams, following through on plans made long ago.  It’s almost like they didn’t know they’d die until they got close to death.  Their second life began the day they defeated the grim reaper. 

But we don’t have to have a near-fatal car crash to truly live. 

It actually may even behoove us to meditate on the thought of death from time to time.  

There is an ancient saying, “Memento Mori”, meaning “remember that you will die”.  Many philosophers would spend time ruminating on the thought of death, knowing that it was possible that any day would be their last. 

We’re not invincible.  Far from it.  

So, like Robin Williams in Dead Poet’s Society, I implore you to “carpe diem”, seize the day. 

Send that email you need to send today.  Make that phone call that will mean so much to you.  Take your shot.  Be bold.  

Your second life begins now.

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