We Only Have So Many Damns To Give

“Give a damn about yourself first, then those who give a damn about you, and then see if you have any damns left to give.”

Kevin Dorsey on Linkedn


The peanut gallery is awfully loud lately, isn’t it?  People can sometimes feel inclined to disrespect you without even knowing you.  

But those people don’t matter.  

Marcus Aurelius said that “we all love ourselves more than other people, but care more about their opinion than our own.” 

We only have so many damns to give.  We should treat our damns like money and make sure we’re investing them in the right areas.  

Give a damn about yourself – treat yourself well, set yourself up for long-term success, do things that’ll benefit your mind and body. 

And give a damn about those that give a damn about you.  Your family, friends, mentors – anyone that’s on your team.  Know who is on your side and be on their side too. Make friendship an art

And for everyone else – who cares what they think?  If they’re not on your team, ignore them.

Or better yet, use them as fuel.

PS – Shoutout to my dad.  Happy birthday!

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