I listened to a podcast with Inky Johnson and Ed Mylett the other day.  If you’re unfamiliar with Johnson’s story, you should get familiar.  He grew up in a family that was poor enough that he had to sleep on the floor with a dozen of his siblings and cousins.  Football was Johnson’s way out.  

Johnson eventually earned a scholarship to play for The University of Tennessee.  With only a few games before the NFL Draft, a night that would undoubtedly bring his family wealth, Inky suffered a career-ending injury that paralyzed his right arm.  Johnson, rightfully so, was in shock, depressed. 

That’s why people were surprised to see him at practice the next week.  Wait, what are you doing here?

He couldn’t play, but he could participate in spirit.  When asked about this decision, Johnson simply notes:

 “I told Coach I’d be a great teammate.  That wasn’t conditional. I didn’t say ‘I’ll be a great teammate – unless my right arm gets paralyzed.  I said I’d be a great teammate. It’s unconditional.” 

How many things in your life do you give your best, unconditionally?  

It’s easy to be a great salesperson, a great girlfriend, a great neighbor – until adversity strikes.

Prioritize who’s important and serve them unconditionally.   

Keep that in mind when you run into roadblocks today. 

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