“I have always lived my life by making lists: lists of people to call, lists of ideas, lists of companies to set up, lists of people who can make things happen.”

– Richard Branson


It’s likely that you keep some sort of to-do-list.  A laundry list of items that you “should do”, that constantly gets procrastinated until you have the time.  Things are just so busy.  

I’m not telling you to rip that paper up.  

Instead, try a smaller, simpler list. 

I originally got introduced to the Power List by Andy Frisella’s podcast.  

The concept is simple and powerful.  Create a list of 3-5 items each day that, if accomplished, would make it a great day.  An example of this could be: 1) Write for 60 minutes, 2) Follow-up to all clients, 3) Go for a run, and 4) Cook dinner for my family.  

The goal is to then accomplish as many of these items as possible by noon.  Anything else that happens outside of these few items is all gravy.  Imagine winning the day by noon?  What a feeling! 

If you accomplish all of your items, put a big “W” on the top of the paper and circle it.  Damn, that feels good. 

The next day, do it again.  And again until it becomes a habit.  Lives aren’t changed by major events, but rather by small, consistent actions compounded over time.  

Try it out this week.  

Make a power list. 

Prioritize your morning time to move the “big rocks” and get your most important things done. 

Mark each day as a Win or Loss.  

It’s a simple concept that can change your life.

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