Tomorrow starts a new month and the 2nd quarter of the year.  Can you believe we’re 25% through 2020?  

Some people will spend today doing their normal things.  They’ll work, exercise, eat dinner, watch TV and go to bed.  They’ll wake up tomorrow without a plan and go through their next month in a daze, with no plan and no strategy. 

The top 1% will approach this differently.  They’ll spend some time today reviewing the past month and quarter and plan for the next (if they haven’t already).

My process has been effective and easy to follow. 

Each quarter, I’ll set up goals for myself in each of my main life “buckets”: financial, professional, creative, relationship, health, and learning.   Then each month, I’ll break that large goal into a sub-goal that will help me get there. And then each week, I will set an even smaller, more achievable goal that follows this same path.  

It may look something like this: 



Q2 Goal – Have sales team sell 120% to quota 

April – Have all training planned for the quarter 

Week 1 – Set up discussion with each member on the team to talk through the game plan for the quarter 


The main goal is challenging, attainable and trackable.  I can watch my progress and change course if needed. The monthly and weekly goals are leading indicators to the #1 main goal.  If I accomplish these smaller goals, I’m more likely to achieve my main goal.  

This works for all of my buckets.  It can translate to finances, relationships, anything. 

The key is to only pick 1 main goal for each bucket.  Maintain a laser focus and don’t get bogged down with priorities 2-5.  

Don’t sleepwalk through life.  Live intentionally and watch how much you’re able to accomplish. 

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