“Trade your expectation for appreciation.” 

– Tony Robbins 


Did you know that humans actually have six senses?  

Alongside sight, smell, taste, touch and sound, our sixth sense is the vestibular system.  This system keeps us balanced and tells us if we’re moving or staying still. Without it (and there are rare cases of this), we would constantly be walking as if we were on a tightrope, never feeling safe even on the sturdiest of footing.  Crazy, right?

You probably woke up today expecting that all six of these senses would work (if you’re fortunate enough to have all six intact).  I know I did. 

But what if, as Tony Robbins said, we traded this expectation for appreciation.  

We appreciate the smell of our morning coffee, of seeing the sunrise on our commute, of the warm water we feel in the shower. 

Take a few minutes this morning.  Jot down five things you’re grateful for.  It can be as existential as the Lord’s presence in your life or as small as getting a good night’s sleep.  This is a habit that pays dividends in the long run. 

An attitude of gratitude is the name of the game.  

And if we learn to appreciate the many gifts around us, we will enjoy this life a hell of a lot more.


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