“Do sharks complain about Mondays?  No. They’re up early, biting stuff, chasing stuff, being scary – reminding everyone that they’re a fucking shark.”


I had that feeling when I woke up this morning.  I heard the egregious honking of my alarm at 4:45 shouting in my ear.  I heard a voice say within me, “Just tap that snooze button, roll up under the warm sheets and get some rest.  Who needs that workout today?”  

At first, I gave in.  I hit snooze. I rolled over.  

Then I thought about it.  How many people would be GRATEFUL to wake up early to workout?  How many would love to have a job to go to today or even have a bed to sleep in last night? 

After a good 8-minute internal dialogue, I turned the alarm off, got out of bed and began the day. 

I watched a YouTube video of Jocko Willink the other day.  He’s well known for waking up at 4 am every day (with daily pictures of his watch to prove it).  But he’s not immune to wanting to give in.  You think his bed doesn’t feel warm and cozy when his alarm goes off? 

Life is a game of decisions and you get a big one every morning yet drastically dictates how you’ll approach the day. 

Be a shark and dominate this Monday.   


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