Seek A Private Victory


“A private victory always precedes a public victory.”

— Stephen R. Covey


There’s a huge gap between what we see on social media and reality.  Instagram is full of people bragging about someone landing their dream job, sitting on a beach in Croatia or looking great in a bikini.  These are public victories. 

If all we do is compare ourselves to public victories, we’re going to miserable.  What we really should be doing is searching within for our next private victory. These are the leading indicators of our own next big win. 

Before you end up landing that dream job, you may have to spend a Saturday fixing up your resume.  That’s a private victory. Before you have that Instagram-ready six-pack, you may have to struggle through your first week of clean eating.  That’s a private victory. If you want to have a great day, sometimes you just need to take the first step and get out of bed. That’s a private victory. 

Don’t compare your “middle of the race” to someone else’s “finish line”. 

What private victory can you secure today?


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