How To Thrive In Your First Year Of Sales

Crush Your Sales Career


In 2018, there were nearly 4 million college graduates in the US and over half of them started their careers in sales. If you’re reading this book you probably know that sales isn’t a class nor a major at most colleges, which means that 2 million people started their first sales job with no training on how to sell.

Sales probably wasn’t even your first choice of jobs. You didn’t have posters of salespeople hanging on your wall growing up. Most of us stumble into becoming salespeople. I took the job because I wanted to make a ton of money and didn’t want to go to 6 extra years of school to become a doctor or lawyer.

On top of this, there is a perception problem in sales. It’s often seen as a profession filled with lazy or immoral people pedaling used cars that are hunks of junk. People that will do anything (legal or illegal) to make a quick buck. It’s fast-talking, slicked-haired guys in The Wolf of Wall St. While those people do exist, they are in the vast minority.

Once you begin a sales career, there’s no real guide for how to make it through your first job. Don’t get me wrong, the internet is full of books and blogs from people giving sales advice. Most of which are middle-aged men that haven’t sold something since The Flintstones were on TV.

Don’t take it the wrong way: some of these books have some valuable sales tactics. 

But it’s 2020: you don’t need someone who sold at IBM in the 80s with your uncle Tony.

You need someone who has been in the trenches the past five years and is still there. 

Someone who has had some success, plenty of failures and a handful of funny stories to learn from. Someone who is willing to get real with you, tell you how it is and offer some advice that he wishes he had when he started. 

That’s where I come in.

Sales expert John Barrows says that sales can be the best profession in the world when done well and the worst profession when done poorly. I agree with him and I’m here to help.

The Navy SEALs are told a mantra when they begin training: “you’re not here to survive this, you’re here to take charge of it.” And while you’re not training for boot camp or hell week (even though some weeks will feel like it), you can learn from this message.

Let’s be real: sales is a tough job. You have to work hard. There’s a lot of rejection and obstacles that need to be conquered.

But make no mistake: you’re not here just to survive. You didn’t pick up this book to survive. You picked it up to take charge of this situation. You picked it up because something inside you tells you that you can do this.

You can be more successful and wealthy than you can even imagine right now. And it all starts here.

If you can take charge now, you can do it in other aspects of your personal and professional life in the future.

So here it is. A 59+ page eBook to help you thrive in your first year of sales. Did I mention that 50% of all eBook revenue goes directly to Black Lives Matter?



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