Read A Book, Send A Book

“In my whole life, I have known no wise people (over a broad subject matter area) who didn’t read all the time — none, zero. You’d be amazed at how much Warren reads–and at how much I read. My children laugh at me. They think I’m a book with a couple of legs sticking out.”
― Charles T. Munger

I’ve written more than enough times about giving value to people in your network.  Be a giver, not a taker. Be a 51/49 person.

Here’s a simple, concrete example of how to do this.  Read a book, send a book. When I turned 26 earlier this year, I decided I’d give out 26 books to people.  26 books that had really helped me. 26 people that could find value in them.  

Some people cracked the book open instantly and loved it.  For others, it’ll probably collect dust on their nightstand for years until they forget how it even got there.  Either way, it’s all good. That’s not the point. I can’t control their reaction. 

I have most of my favorite books hanging around my room.  I got Trillion Dollar Coach from my dad. I got Tuesdays With Morrie because I remember my favorite high school teacher recommended it a decade age.  I got Wooden’s Blue Book because it came highly endorsed by my best friend. The Defining Decade was initially read to keep up with my inspiring girlfriend. Four-Hour-Workweek, Meditations and On Writing came from my virtual mentors. 

These people, these books have been so helpful to me.  Every book helped me on my journey to learn. Learn how to do things, learn about myself, learn what I liked, learn what I loathed.  

The least I can do is pay it forward.  

I began taking reading seriously when I heard an ultra-successful person say they paid $10 for a book looking for a $1 million idea.  I’m not in Finance, but I think a 10,000X return on your investment is good.  

I picked up Think and Grow Rich and never looked back.  Now, I’m a learning machine.  

So that’s my new rule.  Read a book. Think of someone that would benefit.  Send it to them on Amazon. Expect nothing in return.  Learn, reflect, pay it forward, repeat.  

How are you adding value to your network? 


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