“People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.”

– Gary Keller


One reason I write so much about habits is that it’s one of the things that we control.  

Our background, the weather, other people, the economy – these are things we do not control. 

Waking up early.  Speaking kindly to others.  Putting in our best effort. These are in our control.  These are habits.  

That’s what Keller means in his above quote.  We can’t just decide our future – a millionaire, successful CEO, visionary.  We decide our habits and that’s what determines our future.  

This gives me hope. 

To think that I have to do “everything” all at once is overwhelming.  But to think that building the habits of a millionaire is the best way to become one, that fires me up.  Because millionaires (or writers, or actors or great parents) are not secretive. They openly share their story and how they became who they are today.  

They say that success leaves clues.  Go to Amazon and order 5 books about people you idolize.  Follow their steps to success. Copy their habits.  

THAT’S how you decide your future. 

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