All-time great basketball coach John Wooden once gave advice to “make friendship an art.”  I have friendships that I hold near and dear but have never considered it to be an artwork.  Have you? 

Artists work on their craft every day.  Artists see things in their most beautiful state.  Artists speak their minds and speak from the heart. 

Great friends often work in the same way.  They’re there for you any day you need them.  They see you as your authentic self. They don’t hold back.  They can tell you the truth, even when it’s difficult to do.  

Too often, we treat friendships as a low priority.  We don’t see our friends for weeks or months at a time.  “Work is just so crazy”, you tell yourself.  

But if you don’t pick up the phone enough times when they call, they’ll start calling someone else.  

So, how do you treat your friendships? – as a second-hand notion that you only focus on when you want to?  Or is a piece of art that you’re crafting into a masterpiece? 


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