It’s Good To Be The Underdog


“Life is never more fun than when you’re the underdog competing against the giants.”

– Ross Perot

Life can feel like you’re pushing a rock up a hill.  No wait, that’s a mountain. A big ass mountain. And it’s a struggle and grind everyday to push that rock just a little bit further than it was the day before.  

And what happens when we reach the top?

Usually, we don’t know what to do.  We hit the apex. Some of the thrill of life just left us.  

Now, there are ways to avoid that, but maybe it’s a hint that we should enjoy the process a bit more.  

There’s a quote in Shoe Dog, the story of Nike, where founder Phil Knight talks about bringing the company public.  After a nearly impossible 20-year grind to build the company, they finally closed on a $22 stock price, making Knight worth a cool $178 million.  That night, as he’s laying in bed, he tries to understand how he’s feeling. 

“I asked myself: ‘what are you feeling’?  It wasn’t joy. It wasn’t relief. If I felt anything, it was regret?  Good God, I thought. Yes. Regret. Because I honestly wished I could do it all over again.”

The man that spent 20 years in debt, struggling, grinding, missing his family finally makes it big.  And his first feeling is reget.  

Because the struggle can be beautiful.  Embrace it. 


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