You’re probably on the front lines right now.  You’re cold calling into businesses. You’re preparing the presentation that your executive will give.  You’re doing the grunt work.  

You’re dreaming of one day (soon) sitting in the corner office as someone that runs this place.  This menial job is beneath you.

Hold up. 

Before you ride these tasks off as useless or unimportant, consider that it may give you a huge advantage in the long run.  

Tim Grover, who trained Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade and countless other NBA legends, share his thoughts here from his book Relentless

People who start at the top never understand what they missed at the bottom. The guy who started by sorting the mail, or cleaning the restaurant late at night, or fixing the equipment at the gym, that’s the guy who knows how things get done. After he’s eventually worked his way up through the ranks, he knows how everything works, why it works, what to do when it stops working. That’s the guy who will have longevity and value and impact, because he knows what it took to get to the top. You can’t claim you ran a marathon if you started at the seventeenth mile.” 

Be grateful for the come-up and use it to your advantage.


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