“I ain’t play the hand I was dealt, I changed my cards

I prayed to the skies and I changed my stars”

Kanye West


Last week, I wrote about circumstances and playing whatever hand we’re dealt.  Maybe we can look at it a different way.  

Whatever your “cards” are, you can change them up.  

We all have a person we’re expected to be, a path that our past has laid out for us.  The way the world sees us.  

You don’t have to fall into the stereotype.  The kid that comes from a “perfect” family doesn’t have to become a doctor.  The brothers from the inner-city streets don’t have to get into the drug game.  You’re not forced to follow the family tradition or the public stereotype of your circumstances.  

Take your cards and flip the script

Show your true colors.  Ignore the naysayers and begin drawing.  Say “fuck it” to your drug-laden past and work your ass off to be successful.  

Forget about your past and your history.  Change your cards, pray to the skies and change your stars. 

This is YOUR life, not theirs.

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