Don’t Ignore The Naysayers


Two years ago, I was on the road for work and got in an early morning hotel workout before my meetings.  In between sets, I realized there was a new Entrepreneur Magazine with Daymond John on the cover. Something was telling me to pick it up.  

The first page I opened had a quote from John in big blue letters that said: 

Don’t ignore all those naysayers in your path.  Put that negativity to work for you.  Let it drive you, even if it’s just to prove everyone else wrong.” 

This quote hit me at the right time.  I was in the midst of closing the biggest deal of my life, despite people telling me it would never happen.  I was hitting the podcast trail on my own after working with a partner for the first year.  

It didn’t matter.  There are always haters.  There are always naysayers, dream killers, people that want you to fail.

There will always be people in the peanut gallery giving you shit and your initial instinct telling you to “forget them.”  

But hold up.  

Maybe don’t forget them.  

Maybe keep them in the back of your mind, or written down in a notebook or put them on your fridge.  

Because when things get really tough – we don’t need positivity – we need a kick in the ass that pushes us the last 10% of the journey. 

Don’t ignore the naysayers.  Use them as fuel.  


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