Celebrate Your Mini-Wins

ESPN had a great tweet of a kid getting absolutely hyped after catching a fish last week.  I love this video and I love this kid.

There are two reasons why this video is perfect. 

One reason is the kid’s reaction.  Its funny, it’s silly, it just makes you feel good.  You’re rooting for him and can share his joy of catching the fish. 

The second reason is that this is such an abnormal reaction to an event.  When’s the last time you saw a grown adult “flossing” after catching a fish, or closing a sale, or picking out the right paint at Home Depot?  Never.

That’s because we’re always so buttoned-up, always so nonchalant.  

When something good happens, my girlfriend and I call it a “mini win”.  We slap hands, we do a little dance, we get fired up.  

If your response to a good event is monotone, your whole life will become black and white.  Don’t forget to add some color.  

Have a great Friday!


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