If you’re reading this, you likely set goals.  You’re ambitious, driven and think towards the future.  But do you think big enough? No, seriously.  How BIG do you think? I recently talked with Courtney Dauwalter about this topic on the Millennial Momentum podcast.   Courtney is an elite ultra-endurance runner.  Last year, she won the Moab 240, which is a 238-mile foot race through the Moab Desert in Utah.  Not only did she win – she absolutely dominated. She finished the race in 58 hours, beating the second place competitor (male or female) by over 10 hours. Here are three lessons I learned from Courtney:

Think Big

Despite Courtney taking the ultra-endurance world by storm, she says she is still looking to improve and find ways to shave minutes off of her times.  
“I still don’t think anyone of us has reached our full potential yet.”

Compete With Yourself

We asked Courtney about how she approaches competition.  Though she sees other runners as competitors, she is most competitive with herself – always pushing to do better than her previous records.   When you’re at the top of the hill, it’s vital to keep setting the bar higher for yourself.

Have Fun

Despite being a fierce competitor, Courtney has fun.  She has an extremely positive attitude, which helps her stay relaxed enough to compete at the highest levels.   Whatever you’re working on, find ways to stay positive and have fun through any of the peaks and valleys that life throws at you.    

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