Danny O’Connor is an accomplished professional boxer, trainer and youth mentor.  Some of his athletic achievements include being a 2008 US Olympic Boxing Team Member, 2007 & 2008 USA National Team Member, 2008 USA National Champion, 2008 National Golden Gloves Champion, and a 3 Time Local New England Golden Gloves Champion.  He is also a full-time husband, father, and career Firefighter. In this episode, Danny shows incredible vulnerability while sharing the story of his boxing career, which not only includes the achievements above but also contains deep roots of anxiety that he believes has not allowed him yet to reach his full potential.  After a panic attack on the night of the biggest fight of his career, Danny notes that he “didn’t know how stressed he was until it’s too late”. Despite this, Danny keeps pushing forward in search of reaching his potential in every area of life.  Like a modern day Rocky, he says “I go from failure to failure and never stop trying to reach my dreams.” Join me in listening to this great episode around Danny O’Connor’s journey with perseverance and mental health.

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