#31 – Why First Impressions Matter | Salman Shah

“You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.”
How good are you at first impressions?  It’s something that happens every day – whether in meeting someone new or delivering your product or service to a customer for the first time. The concept of JORD Wood Watches was founded, in part, because of first impressions.  Before the company’s inception, Founder Salman Shah purchased another wood watch.  He was so unimpressed with the first impression and design of the timepiece that he decided “there had to be a better way”. After a 48-hour brainstorming session in 2013, Salman launched JORD with his brothers and haven’t looked back. With over 25 employees JORD is known as the largest Wood Watch company to date.  And their first impressions are brilliant.  It’s an emphasis of Shah and his team to use this as a competitive differentiator. We were able to have a great conversation with Salman on the importance of the first impression, how he has scaled his business and what it’s been like to work with his brothers through the whole process. My challenge to you is to reflect on how your first impressions come across. Are you charming and engaging? How about the first impression of your product or service. Does it immediately release any potential buyer’s remorse? Is it something that they would tell their friends about? If not, you can open the door for a competitor to come in.

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